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As Rohr International does not take any funds under management, the following comments from current and previous clients are only a reflection of their individal experience with our research and advisory across a range of different markets, portfolio management styles and risk profiles.    As always, their past satisfaction with our analysis, advisory and/or educational services is no guarantee of any future profitability or avoidance of loss.
Hedge Fund Chief - Ex-Head of Major Bank Emerging Markets
A long time acquaintance and then client, and one of the more adept 'big picture' macro observers as well as a talented short-term situation observer & trader.
(We are flattered by this 'multi-generational' retainer from the mid-1980's into the present.)
“I have been using Rohr’s advisory for over ten years. It is particularly insightful on the shifting relationship between the fundamental influences and the price reactions
...a significant advantage in understanding how the various markets are really reacting to news and events, not just up or down a bit. ...what the relative activity between different asset classes is saying about the situation is also quite useful. "

Head of International Fixed Income Trading and mentor
A long time client who has also evolved into an ad hoc mentoring role, assisting many talented up and coming dealers in additon to his own successful trading.
(Proactively contacts Rohr after occasional firm changes to sustain continuous access to advisory.)
“I have been a client of Rohr’s since the mid 1990s..." "It is common to find a good technical analyst who will identify market trends... and even more common to find a good economist who will give fundamental views on the market." "Rohr stands out as being able to deliver and combine both of these influences in order to identify long-term macro trends and the correct entry and exit points."

International debt and foreign exchange Lead Dealer
From an individual who retained us for various markets at a major international bank through the early part of this century; since retired early. Always keenly interested in emerging market trends as well as major economies, even with his own very insightful perspective he found value in our consultation.
(In spite of his firm's extensive in-house technical and fundamental analysis, he found…)
“…Rohr’s way of communicating the technical positions of markets with occasional cross references to the underlying fundamentals enables Rohr to be particularly effective in long term trends… … this kept me in tune with the 'big picture'… … a very useful tool for structural trading aiming to benefit from medium-term market trends.”

Head of Desks and Lead Dealer at major banks and hedge funds
Distinguished from research department colleagues through definitive analyses, he quickly became a lead fixed income dealer in tumultuous 1980's government debt markets. His career has included both developing new operations and hedge fund partnership as a leading operative on some of the most respected porfolio management teams.
(While a highly talented analyst and trade structure aficionado in his own right, he notes…)
“I have been a client of Rohr International since the start of my career over 20 years ago." "(their analyses adds) ...extra clarity and refinement to my trading, particularly in volatile and uncertain markets."   "I have no hesitation in recommending Rohr to others based on the quality of the service and the clarity of the trading advice..."

Head of International Fixed Income Trading at various banks
Now retired, he was one of the most successful heads of international fixed income at UK, American, German and Japanese banks during the 1980's and 1990's.
(Our first international retainer, he also brought Rohr in-house for its first London seminar in 1984.)
“Rohr has for many years provided an educational function and particular research, which has proved invaluable." "The constant integrity of Rohr dialectic, is enhanced by illuminating and insightful reason." "...with the surgical precision of Rohr numbers,..."

Multiple Asset Class Portfolio Manager at major int'l bank
Active short-intermediate term portfolio manager, with highly focused risk management on developed and emerging debt and foreign exchange markets.
(Longstanding client who sees big picture yet pursues a definitive approach to key tech decisions.)
(from December 2008) “...the last 18 months have required a lot more in depth thought and analysis, whether by looking back much further into history or by being more creative with trend projections. Rohr has been able to provide strong guidance with many of these seemingly extreme projections being reached." "...with correlations cropping up in many different products, this has been invaluable, even in markets Rohr doesn't cover."

Head of International Proprietary Risk portfolio at a major bank
Talented international multiple asset class portfolio manager who believes in tightly structured risk profiles for all strategies, and even periods where it is wise to avoid major trend position risk until market conditions are more amenable.
(International focus across a broad range of asset classes means full benefit from Rohr's research)
“...very useful in gaining a degree of clarity around a number of asset classes." "Getting the entry and exit levels of trades right are of paramount importance, and Rohr does provide extra perspective that can give a trader an advantage..."